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Simplify project management with the seamless integration of custom workholding solutions and functional gaging packages offered by Busche Workholding.

Busche Workholding's experience in both of these disciplines, combined with modern equipment and processes allow for competitive pricing, unmatched customer service, and unparalleled speed to market.

With Busche Workholding's team of in-house designers, master machinists, and proven supply chain network, no project is too large or complex.  Lead times for complete fixtures can be as little as six to eight weeks.

Market diversification is a key component of the Busche Workholding philosophy, by suppling tailored workholding to aerospace, automotive, and even firefighting equipment manufacturers, to name but a few. This diversification combined with over ten years in business has allowed for the creation of an immense fixture library, used for new project inspiration.

Maximizing the work-envelope will not only improve product yield, but reduces the wear on machine components by reducing the number of occurrences these components are subject to. This is an important, but often overlooked benefit of optimized fixture design.

Busche Workholding's entire staff is focused on building a custom fixture that saves you time and money, so put Busche Workholding to work for you. Call 260-636-1069 and talk to a customer service representative today.

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